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Anker Melting Stones Text

Melting Stones

It's about healing the hardenings, the fossilizations, of the heart. Melting all the stoney, protective layers caused by painful experiences and freeing up the hidden and covered life energy underneeth.

Practicing YIN means checking out of your YANG-achiever mode for a while and reconnecting to your inner truth, light and freedom.

On a physical layer it means long stretches for your flexibility, strengthening your connective tissues, literally activating rejuvenation and restoration of your body, while enjoying deep nourishing relaxation. Yin has lots and lots of health benefits.

The combination of Yin and deep inner healing work is what I focus on. You get to connect tenderly with yourself. It is a meeting with your authentic you. In slowness you get to attend to that part of your being that tends to get neglected. Yin is exploring your inner landscape: getting to know interior locations to rest and recharge, to anchor and stabalize, see through the tricks of the mind, find clarity, connectedness, belonging, love. You get to dive into the relation of body and soul where your internal world can be entered through the body, and the inside gets revealed on the outside.

You practice to hold space for your very self, space of awareness, which is free of judgement and rush, free for you to arise, just as you are. Feeling and inspecting layer after layer you arrive at your truth. Truth, a space free from all pretensions and illusions. A space that works independent of the outside world. You start to feel the purity of yourself, you know who you are, what you need and what you are capable of. You form a firm base that allows you to approach life courageously, create the life you want and walk the path of empowered liberation.

It’s 100% self-care & empowerment.

Anker Melting Stones Text

Try it out for yourself.

Feel free to join the video and practice with me or contact me and get together.

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